I’ve had ten weeks to work on this paper.  And I’ve worked on it for most of the ten weeks.  Research, draft, edit, repeat.

And now, with 48 hours until it is due, I’m scratching it all and starting over.

I don’t like what I have.  It’s not cohesive.  It’s shifty in focus.  The thesis is broad.

My conclusion: Ah, trash it.  Start over.

There’s a cost to starting early and working ahead of time – for me anyway.  The product is almost always trashed at the last minute.

(Ask my college roommates; this is not a new trend for me.)

I evoke my best product when I no longer have enough time.

So that’s where we are, folks.  The consummate craft of procrastination.

If you want to call it that.

I call it capitalizing on my strengths: working under pressure.

So, if you need me, I’ll be typing until midnight on Thursday.  Or until my fingers fall off and I may therefore ask for a deadline extension.

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