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All Before Noon

These things have happened today.

Tyler was awake for much of the night, not feeling well. Which means I was awake. And when he was sleeping, he was still writhing and restless, which means I was awake.

Tucker was up and shooting hoops by 7:00 am.

Tyler woke up feeling revised and energized enough to wrestle with his brother. And their wrestling follows me around the house. “Mommy is home base!” Players slide into home base… A LOT.

My very sweet neighbor stopped in to tell us they are moving out of state in two weeks. Gifts for everyone. Which is kind and gracious, but all I could think about was my giant, matted hair, my peeling sunburned nose, and my mismatched pajamas and bra-lessness.

When the garbage disposal wasn’t working, I fished out the culprits: a shredded ziploc bag, two magnets and an aquarium stone. Awesome. Also, my hand in the garbage disposal elicits an immediate gag reflex.

And this just in: writing about my hand in the garbage disposal elicits the same effect.

My son is wearing black socks with his shorts.

In the rental car, the boys sit beside one another on the backseat. And this is all things I can’t handle. How do parents drive cars? I will kiss my minivan when she comes home.

The pediatrician confirmed a double ear infection. Thankfully, they don’t charge per ear. A buy-one-get-one deal.

I have visited two gas stations today. At the first, I forgot which side the gas tank was on. When I pulled forward to turn my car around, I lost my spot in line. Forget it then.

At the second, I was poised with the gas tank on the accessible side, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the blasted thing open. Freaking rental. Forget it then.

And my children are asking anatomy questions I really don’t want to answer for another few years.

Let’s wrap up this day. Try again tomorrow.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. Ah, the humor! You are so gifted! I usually can’t laugh about days like that until YEARS later!

  2. I love this so much. Why do the worst days make the funniest stories in the re-telling? Sometimes writing them down so others can laugh is the only redemption to life’s messy days.

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