I was grocery shopping with two boys. You know. My favorite. The usual acrobatic routine of the wrestling brothers, the tipping cart, the try to remember the list, the race to the finish.

We turned a corner to find our neighbor, Miss Jenny. She was making the rounds herself, although she was flying solo. Her daughter is one of our favorite babysitters, and generosity and nurturing runs in their family.

She took one look at us, surveyed the situation, and said, “Hi, guys! You know what? I need a shopping helper. I’m all by myself today, and I need someone to do my shopping with me. Tuck, would you come along?”

Tuck was a little nervous, as he tends to hover closely to his Queen Bee. I convinced him I wouldn’t leave the store without him, Miss Jenny promised him great joy as she would teach him to scooter along the side of her cart, and he conceded with a smile. Off he went with Miss Jenny.

And off I went, with just Tyler. It was a whole new world; he had nobody to wrestle with, no perpetual comedy routine, and instead he simply resorted to delightful conversations with me, friendly debates over yogurt or Gogurt, string cheese or cheese cubes.

Pure bliss.

We met up with Tuck and Miss Jenny at the checkout lane. She and Tuck had perused the aisles, and he shown her some of our family’s favorite things. She had loaded a grocery bag with gifts for us.

She purchased the food and place it in my cart, and just before we parted, she said, “Guys, The Dollar Store is our favorite. Sarah and I want to take you there. Here is two dollars for each of you, as a promise that we’ll go so you can spend them there.”

My boys were delighted. I was beyond blessed. She had given me food, time, and patience.

I later learned: Jenny was simply strolling the grocery store while the pharmacy filled her prescription. She didn’t really have a list or a goal.

And then she bumped into us, and she created a list and a goal on the spot: to serve and love us.

Thank you, Jenny. Of all the homes in all the world, God led you to live in our neighborhood. This is no small gift to me.

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