Well, it’s so-very-almost October and that bring us to the annual argument at my house in which Tyler presents his best case for his Halloween costume of choice: The Grim Reaper.img_3821

In turn, I ask him to please think of almost any other invention of himself. Truly, I’d be up for almost anything but this Messenger of Death. But he’s enamored, and this happens every.single.year.

So he began his arguments, I began my rebuttals, and we entered the annual autumn dance that I don’t love.

Peter asked, so casually, “So, what’s this about? What does he want?”

“Oh, this happens every year. He wants to be the Grim Reaper again.”

“And you don’t want him to?”

“Not especially, no. There are just so many other choices, and I don’t love that one.”

He nods his head, as dads do. And then he takes the situation in hand, as dads do.

He said, “Tyler, I love the idea of the Grim Reaper. I think you’d be a great one.”

(Wait for it. As I did.)

“I will totally make that happen for you, and we just have to follow some simple steps to get into character. I’ll tell you what: let’s get all the Grim Reaper movies, and we’ll have a movie marathon this weekend. You can study the character, his actions and gestures, motivations, and then you can really embrace the integrity of the role.”

Silence from the Reaper-to-be. “Peter. Do you even know me? I would have nightmares for days.”

“Pal, you would have nightmares for years to come. But if this is who you want to be, if this is the character you want to play, then we can make it happen.”

End of discussion.

This just in: Tyler has decided to be a Sumo Wrestler this year for Halloween.

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