My heart is joyful,
I sing and dance – it is no wonder!
I am safe.
I. Am. Safe.
You will not leave me on the floor in my despair.
You will not let me drown in depression.
You will not allow me to live as one who has no life, no hope, no joy.
You show me how to live —
how to see colors of happiness,
how to smell the scent of grace,
how to hear the music of solitude,
how to taste the sweetness of joy.
You sit with me, listen to me, talk to me,
and you keep my eye contact as long as I don’t look away.
There are gifts and treasures in your every day.
You promise me a seat at your table,
coffee in your corner,
a spot on your blanket in the sun,
dinner dates for hours,
forever mine with you.

~ adapted from Psalm 16:9-11

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